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Anither Hantle o Verse: Poems in Scots for Children

Anither Hantle o Verse: Poems in Scots for Children


Publisher        National Museums of Scotland NMSE

ISBN: 9781905267194

Pages: 96

Illustrations:  8  b&w


For children 6-12

Hey, duddy, wid yi  get us a dug

A big broon alsatian? Ur a wee white pug,

Ur a skinny wee terrier ur a big fat bull

Aw, daddy. Get us a dug, Will yu?

This is, of course, a child asking for a dog, a common plea of youngsters  everywhere. The language is Scots, an important part of Scotland's culture and heritage -- in songs, poetry and literature and once in daily use.

This small volume makes a wonderful gift for the children and grandchildren of Americans of Scottish descent (of which there are 4.8 million). It will also delight the classroom teacher with a bent for poetry and a ear for the music of language. As cultural studies become more a part of school curriculum this is a nice addition to the classroom bookshelf.  Kids will enjoy 'translating' the poems.

The poems are by Matthew Pitt, Christine de Luca, JK Annand, Willa Muir, William Soutar, Marion Angus and Robert Burns.

 Scots is one of over 7,000 indigenous languages in the world and we must save them as many have already been lost.  (In 1992 the European Charter for Regional or Minority languages was adopted to protect such languages and encourage their use. )


Try translating this:

The Scots leid is a important pairt o Scotland's cultural heirship, kythin in sang, poyems an leetratur, an in ilka day uiss in oor communities forby.

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