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Treasures from Tuscany: the Etruscan Legacy

Treasures from Tuscany: the Etruscan Legacy


By Elizabeth Goring

National Museums of Scotland

ISBN: 1901663906

Pages: 192

Illustrations:200 Color & B&W

9" x 12" 


The sophisticated Etruscans, contemporaries of the Ancient Greeks, were pivotal in contributing to the cradle of European civilization and had a lasting influence on modern day Italy. In this luxury paperback are sarcophagi and cinerary urns; rich and exotic tomb finds of bronze, amber, silver and ivory; objects from temples and sanctuaries; architectural reliefs; beautiful bronze figurines. The Etruscans’ spectacular gold work reflects the expertise and artistry of these early goldsmiths. More than 200 item are featured

*  Ancient World/Art History

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