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Young Rembrandt

Young Rembrandt


An Van Camp, Christopher Brown, Christiaan Vogelaar

Publisher Ashmolean Museum

ISBN 9.78191E+12


Illustrations c/150, b&w/5

10” x 8”

Here we see the first 10 years of the career of Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669), one of the most remarkable artists of all time. Born in Leiden, he trained there with Isaac van Swanenburg and in Amsterdam with Pieter Lastman, then  returned to Leiden and set up a studio where he began painting scenes from the Bible and classical mythology and history, as well genre scenes and portraits. His progress is remarkable: 
from the earliest hesitant paintings of the Five Senses in about 1624 to the wonderfully assured Jeremiah of 1630. And it is almost possible to trace his increasing fluency and self-confidence.

Included in this remarkable collection of early paintings  is "Smell," 
from his allegory of four works on the Sensations, discovered in a New Jersey basement in 2016. The artist's curiosity,  sense of humor and keen eye -- his genius for representing human character and emotion with the briefest of brushstrokes were evident at age 18.

An Van Camp is the Assistant Keeper for Northern European Art at the Ashmolean Museum. Christopher Brown is an art historian and formerly the Director of the Ashmolean Museum from 1988 to 2014. Christiaan Vogelaar is the Curator of Old Master Paintings and Sculpture, Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden, Netherlands

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