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Understanding Scottish Graveyards

Understanding Scottish Graveyards


Betty Willsher

Publisher: National Museums of Scotland

ISBN: 9781901663969

Pages: 96pp.  

Illustrations: 30 b-w line drawings and 36 photographs

Size: 6 1/2 x 7 5/8inches


* will delight amateur genealogists,  social scientists,  and historians as it encourages preservation of  old graveyards, important today  as many of the stones are fast disappearing.

* from the standing stones and cairns of the Neolithic and Bronze ages and the early Christian graves to the European traditions that have marked death and church burials.

There are three main chapter headings -- Graveyards, Types of  Monuments and Recording and Studying Graveyards.  Among the subjects -- burial places of nobles and common folk, burial costs, customs inside and outside the church, memorials for plague victims, landscaped Victorian cemeteries,  and marking descriptions to help the amateur and professional genealogist. Captions explain ideas about mortality (ie, the hour-glass, angel of death, snakes), immortality (torches, heart, snake, caduceus) and the trades (ie, coal-masters, millers, fleshers [butchers], soldiers, ministers). Anecdotes enliven the telling.

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