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Paradisus - Hawaiian Plant Watercolors of Geraldine King Tam

Paradisus - Hawaiian Plant Watercolors of Geraldine King Tam


Authors: David J. Mabberly, forward by James White of Hunt Institute for Botanical Illustration   

Publisher: Honolulu Academy of Arts

ISBN: 9780937426425

Pages: 160

Illustrations: 60 color


Deemed “a living treasure” by the Kuai Museum in Lihue, Hawaii, Geraldine King Tam depicts plants as they grow (sometimes taking a year to complete a painting as flower or fruit blooms). 

The text that accompanies the watercolors, written by Dr. David Mabberly, is an invaluable resource in itself. Myths, traditional uses or historical introductions may be included in the text, as well as stories about how the plant got its name or some interesting tidbit about the family to which the plant belongs.

Botanists will appreciate the accuracy of the paintings and the text, and gardeners will appreciate the reality of the illustrations.

David Mabberley, renowned botanist and author, works at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney, Australia and at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands

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