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Dodos and Dark Lanterns Highlights of Ashmolean History By David A Berry

Dodos and Dark Lanterns Highlights of Ashmolean History By David A Berry


ISBN 13: 978-1-854442-81-9


Illustrations: 100 color, 20 black & white

Dimensions: 7.75" x 10.5"

•A museum story told through linking objects and cultures over time.

•Illuminating photographs and stories.

•Includes stories of people who will surprise you.

•History in the making.

Dodos & Dark Lanterns tells the fascinating story of Oxford's Ashmolean, the first public museum in the world. Through a series of interesting anecdotes, based on objects from the Ashmolean's collections, the book traces the eventful history of this remarkable institution, which evolved from a cabinet of curiosities, representing the world in microcosm, into a museum of art and archaeology, illustrating connections between cultures over time. In the process, it introduces a host of colorful characters, such as a local confectioner named James Sadler who became the first English aeronaut and a young schoolboy known as Ned who grew up to be the legendary Lawrence of Arabia.

Today Assistant Director at the John and Marble Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota, Florida, David Berry did his doctoral research on the history of the museums, gardens and libraries of the University of Oxford. He has lectured extensively on the Ashmolean, its history, architecture and collections, and has given numerous tours on these subjects to a variety of audiences. He contributed to the Ashmolean's redevelopment and curated its founding collection and historic archive.

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